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Mantua, the City of the Gonzagas and the poet Virgil, on a human scale, teeming with artistic, cultural and natural treasures. A real peninsula lapped by three lakes, formed by the Mincio river.
There are many reasons to visit this little Lombard jewel.
If you don’t believe it, here are some: Mantova is the city of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Yes, here he wrote the work wrapped and inspired by the Mantuan landscapes.
It is the romantic City where Shakespeare’s lover Romeo spent his exile and bought poison. Mantova is the scenic and natural scenery of Verdi’s famous “Rigoletto”.
Its Palazzo Ducale is one of the largest noble buildings in Europe.
How can we forget that in a small village in Mantua the great poet Virgil was born, chosen by Dante to accompany him on his journey through the circles of the Divine Comedy.
Until the recognition of Mantua and Sabbioneta UNESCO world heritage.

#lesmodelsagency announces the next project to be held for the second time in Mantua on December 9th 2019, with a Vip from Temptation Island 2019.

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