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About Us

Why work with us?

Working with Les Models Agency means being part of a family that shares the same values and a great passion: bringing Beauty and Culture through Photography.

If you too aspire to join a team where you can grow with passion, determination and commitment, then join us!



art director
event planner

She is a founding member of LesModels Agency, artistic/design director, and has a long experience in organizing and planning events.

She first started attending high school as a stylist, then he started working in the world of clothing very young. The strong passion for fashion has pushed her to work and grow professionally in the best shops and for the most important companies, working together and becoming an expert in marketing, window dressing and image consultant.
The continuous search for aesthetics, elegance, and mental enrichment ... here are the guides that led her to pose as a hobby as a model before, and to thrill her with photography later, to travel in search of inspirations to enrich a culture in constant evolution, and to put it into play in new situations where its experience is needed.
Fashion, photography and culture, mediated by elegance, technique and cutting-edge ideas ... but above all the innate ability to interface with people ... these are its guidelines, the strengths of the Agency.

In character, in manner, in style, in all things, supreme excellence is simplicity (cit. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)



He is a founding member of the LesModels Agency, a creative and expert photographer, excellent experience in post-production and photographic processing.

Photographer by passion, he began his artistic career in an art school, where he first devoted himself to the study of painting and sculpture and then to the analysis and in-depth analysis of techniques, composition, creative process of the great Renaissance masters such as Caravaggio and Raffaello, experiences and abilities that will be useful in the photographic field.
Subsequently he becomes a Computer Expert, specializing in Internet Sites and Web Portals, in this period he discovers, knows and becomes passionate about the use of programs like Photoshop and Lightroom that will lead him to explore and appreciate digital and artistic art.
The combination of these experiences and abilities will be very useful to him when his initial and never dormant passion for photography will turn into his main interest and work, specializing in post-production and artistic manipulation of photographs, with an elegant and artistic vein.

The desire to discover, the desire to excite, the taste to capture, three concepts that summarize the art of photography.
(cit. Helmut Newton)

Photography is Art
It is looking for something extraordinary
In an ordinary place

Photography is probably the most accessible and the most rewarding of all art forms.
It can record faces or events or tell a story. It can surprise, amuse and educate.
It can capture and communicate emotions and document any detail quickly and accurately.

John Hedgecoe

Photo Sessions

Photographic sessions and services for all types of customers.


Birthdays, Graduation, Birthdays & 18ths, Corporate and Business Events.


Reportage and Coverage for Weddings, Baptisms, Maternity.

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It is an illusion that the photos are taken with the camera ... they are made with the eyes, the heart, the head.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Creative Solutions

Innovation, Creativity, Originality for Photo Services always of high quality and for every need.